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Criminal Convictions

We require applicants to declare criminal convictions on the Postgraduate Application Form. For most programmes, only unspent criminal convictions need be declared.

In addition, when applying, accepting an offer, registering or continuing as a student, an applicant or student is not obliged to disclose any criminal charges he or she faces. However, in accepting a place at the University, an applicant agrees to be bound by our rules and regulations which are available on the University’s website at  Under our regulations, we are entitled to take out discipline proceedings against a student if he or she is convicted of criminal charges, which might result in the student being expelled from the University.

In view of this, if you face criminal charges now or in the future, you have the opportunity to seek advice from the Director of Student Recruitment & Admissions, Richard Emborg, if you wish, before deciding whether to accept our offer of a place, to register or to continue as a student of the University.

Fraudulent Applications

The University has issued your offer in good faith and on the basis of the information you have provided on your application form. If any of the details you have provided are found to be false or fraudulent or if you have omitted material information from your application, your offer of a place may be revoked. Any attempt to alter the details of an offer made to you will also result in your offer being revoked and no future offers being issued.

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

In cases where a student's work has commercial potential, the University may require the student to assign Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) to the University to enable appropriate exploitation to take place.  University ownership prevents problems which can arise when IP is generated by a student and/or supervisor, or by a group of students in collaboration or where there is industrial sponsorship of projects.  The University has considerable expertise in negotiation with research sponsors and commercial partners.  Where the University gains income from commercialisation, net receipts are shared with the student(s) on the same basis as staff.  You can find further advice on IPR here.

University Regulations

The University Calendar is the primary source of information for University regulations on all matters from admission through to graduation. Programme regulations for the current academic year are available in Volume II of the University Calendar, which can be found on the University’s website at:

You will also find a wealth of useful information and important University regulations on the Graduate School website at

Please be aware that these regulations may change before you commence your programme of study. If you require more specific programme information please contact your department.


Every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained on this Applicant Gateway is correct.  The University will use reasonable endeavours to deliver programmes and other services in accordance with the descriptions provided in our marketing publications.  The University, however, reserves the right to make variations to programme contents, fees, entry requirements and methods of delivery, to discontinue or merge or combine programmes, and to make variations to regulations, both before and after a student's admission to the University, if such action is reasonably considered necessary by the University.

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