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Can I be put in touch with a Durham graduate?

Yes.  If you have any questions or queries that you would like to discuss with a graduate from the Masters Programme you will be joining, you can contact our Alumni Office at business.alumni@durham.ac.uk and they can help to arrange this for you.

Where can I get help with Accommodation issues?

Further information can be found in the "Accommodation and Colleges" section (here).

Will I receive a hard copy of my offer letter?

We issue all of our offers via email. This fully meets with the UKVI requirements (for those applicants needing a student visa).

How do I submit further supporting documents to you?

You should submit supporting documentation via your application summary page on the online application system here.

How can I submit my references?

You should submit your references via your application summary page on the online application system here. Alternatively, your referees may email them to us directly. Please note they must be original or certified copies on official letterhead and must be signed. An official stamp is also preferred. We prefer our reference form to be used where possible, which can be found here (Masters Programmes) or here (MBA Programme).

When will I receive information regarding registration?

Further information regarding enrolment and registration will be provided later in the recruitment year, normally about 2 or 3 months prior to your Programme commencing.

When do I pay the balance of my tuition fees?

Further information regarding this can be found in the "Tuition Fees and How To Pay" section (here).

Are there any scholarships available?

Further information regarding scholarships can be found in the "Scholarships" section here (Masters Programmes) or here (MBA Programme).

Is the deposit payment refundable?

The deposit payment is only refundable if you attempt but fail to meet the conditions of your offer or fail to obtain a student visa. Please note that when requesting a refund, documentary evidence must be provided to demonstrate that you have attempted to meet your offer conditions or that your visa has been refused.

Can I defer my application?

Further information regarding this can be found in the "Deferring your application" section (here).

Can I find a job during my studies?

If students wish to find work during the duration of their studies we advise that they keep this to a minimum where possible and preferably during the holidays.

For overseas students the UKVI advises that students are allowed to work a maximum of 20 hours during term time, including any voluntary work, and that students may work full time during holidays.

For further details please click here.

Is there a pick-up service for international students upon their arrival in the UK?

The International Office do offer a meet and greet service for international students joining the University, details of this service can be found on the International Office website in summer 2018: http://www.dur.ac.uk/international/ or you can contact the International Office (international.office@durham.ac.uk) for advice on your arrival at Durham.  If you are arriving outside of the dates covered by this service, there are always taxis available from the airport.

When will I get my CAS?

Further information regarding this can be found in the "The CAS and Visa Process" section (here). 

Why is my Applicant Number different on my Pre-Sessional CAS?

The Applicant Number stated within your CAS is your Applicant Number for the pre-sessional English Language programme, not your Masters programme.

Why do my payments appear in Dollars on my CAS statement?

The dollar symbol is a formatting issue with some email service providers. However, please note that below the amounts on your CAS statement, it states “All numerical amounts are pounds sterling”. In addition, the information sent to the UKVI is in pounds sterling.

I am studying a pre-sessional English Language programme – when will I get my CAS for the Masters Programme?

Further information regarding this can be found in the "The CAS and Visa Process" section (here). 

I am attending a Pre-Sessional Maths and Stats Course – do I need an earlier start date on my CAS statement (Finance Masters Programmes only)

You will be eligible to come to the United Kingdom up to one month before the date you start your course.

How long will I be able to stay in the UK?

For programmes of 12 months duration, you will be eligible to stay for the full length of the programme plus 4 months after the end of the programme.

I am going to be later than the start date of my programme – what should I do?

You are expected to be present from day one of your Masters programme. However, in some circumstances you may arrive up to a few days late (your latest start date is detailed within your CAS statement). Please advise us if you are going to arrive late as this is not possible for all programmes.

I am renewing my passport – what should I do?

The Passport Number on your CAS statement must be the same as the Passport that you use to enter the UK. If you are renewing your passport please inform us immediately.

Do I need a signed stamped copy of my offer letter to apply for a visa?

No. Offer letters are not required documents by the UKVI.

Do I need an official stamped CAS Statement (on letterhead) to apply for a visa?

No. Your CAS Statement will only be provided via email – this fully satisfies the UKVI requirements. You are NOT required to provide a signed copy of your CAS statement on University headed paper. You may choose to include an email copy of your CAS Statement with your visa application but it is not compulsory.

I have not received my Pre-CAS email – what should I do?

Please see here to ensure you are eligible for the CAS process to begin and have allowed us sufficient time do this. If you have satisfied these requirements, please recheck your email, including your spam/junk folders. If you still have not received a Pre-CAS email please let us know and we will resend this to you.

My passport number is not stated in my CAS Statement?

The UKVI do not require your passport number to be stated within your actual CAS statement. We have provided your passport number to them directly via their CAS database (and was contained within your pre-CAS email).

I have made additional tuition fee payments since my CAS statement was issued – what should I do?

Please wait 5 working days for payments to be processed and then email us to inform us about the additional payments. We will be able to update your payments directly onto the UKVI database. Please note that your CAS statement will not be reissued as we are informing the UKVI directly. Please note we can only do this up until you have applied for your visa.

Why does the study address on my CAS state The Palatine Centre?

The Palatine Centre is the main University address and so is used on the majority of CAS statements.

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