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If you receive an offer of a place, but are subsequently unable to commence the programme, you are permitted to request for your application to be deferred to the following year.  You are permitted to request to defer your application on two concurrent occasions only; thereafter you will need to withdraw your application and reapply the following year.

Please note that we can only defer your application and not your offer of a place.  Then, when admissions reopens for the following year's entry (normally in October each year), we will reconsider your application applying the following year's entry criteria and inform you of whether we can offer you a place.

If you have paid a programme deposit, this payment will also be deferred.  It will then be refunded to you if you subsequently are not made an offer for the following year's programme.


If you wish to transfer programme after receiving an offer, you will need to make a formal request to the Admissions Office.  We will then need to check whether you meet the eligibility criteria for the programme you wish to transfer to.  We will then advise whether a transfer is possible which may require you to submit a new application.  Please note that it is not often possible to transfer.  For international students requiring a Tier 4 Student Visa, once we have issued a CAS for your programme we will not be able to consider a possible transfer request.

It may be possible to transfer programme once you are in Durham and commenced studies.  In these instances, a formal request would need to be made for us to consider against the relevant eligibility criteria and any transfer would also require Programme Director approval.  If you are in receipt of a Tier 4 Student Visa, as well as meeting the eligibility for the programme you wish to transfer to and gaining Programme Director approval, there may also be visa implications, so please consider any transfer request very seriously.

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