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What is a College?

One of our greatest assets at Durham University is our collegiate system.  Colleges are at the heart of the Wider Student Experience where you can socialise and develop personally through intellectual, cultural and social engagement, whether you live in our accommodation or not.  Colleges are thriving international and multidisciplinary communities made up of academics, students and staff from all different backgrounds and cultures.

College Membership

All students are allocated membership of a College.  College membership will provide you with a sense of belonging within a multidisciplinary and international community regardless of your background, nationality or culture.  All Colleges share many fundamental attributes from dedicated developmental and pastoral support, student governance through Common Rooms, shared community facilities and events and activities.  Each College does however have its own distinct character from its architecture, history, location, spirit and ethos.  Some have a modern and informal feel, where others are more traditional and formal.

College Allocation Process

The allocation process will begin 1 March.  In order to be invited to apply and complete the College application you must have formally accepted your official postgraduate offer.  You will be contacted directly by the Colleges and Student Experience Office.

College Accommodation

There are a number of single occupancy rooms available within College for postgraduate students.  In order to be considered for College accommodation you must ensure that you apply for this by completing the College application via the allocation process.  We also have a small number of couple/family rooms.  College accommodation is available for single occupancy rooms via our Accommodation Guarantee scheme (you are required to apply and pay your £250 accommodation booking fee by 1 June).

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