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Core Theme Key Text Books

Key reading for each module will be published within the module handbook on the individual DUO module site.

Pre Programme Reading

For those students interested in undertaking some reading before the course commences in September, the following reading list has been provided by Module Leaders.

Further information will be available in due course. Please add this page to your watch list. This Pre-reading list will be updated as we receive responses from Module Leaders.


Core Modules

BUSI4J210 Economics for Global Business

Essential reading for the module is mainly included in the texts listed below. You will be able to use the 6th or the 7th edition (you might find the 6th edition to be cheaper):

Sloman, J., Garrat, D., Guest, J. and Jones, E. (2016) Economics for Business, 7th edition, Harlow: Pearson.
Sloman, J., Hinde, K. and Garrat, D. (2013) Economics for Business, 6th edition, Harlow: Pearson.

Some books are sold with an access code to a virtual learning environment called MyEconLab. However, please note that we will not use this, as we will facilitate computer assisted learning via Durham’s online learning platform DUO, so you do not need to buy this as an extra.
Many students have told us in the past that they found reading one of the following publications a very helpful introduction into thinking like an economist and they enjoyed getting to know some key economic concepts without having to engage in equations and graphs.

The Economist
Reading the Economist magazine will familiarise you with many relevant economic problems and give you some insights into how economists think – as well as alert you to many of the hotly debated topics and theories in economics.

Other publications which will give you an entertaining insight into how economists reason are e.g.

Wheelan, C. (2003/2010) Naked Economics: Undressing the dismal science, Norton, New York, ISBN 0393337642
Harford, T. (2007) The Undercover Economist, Abacus, ISBN 978-0349119854
Harford, T. (2014) The Undercover Economist Strikes Back: How to run or ruin an economy, Abacus, ISBN 978-0349138930
Levitt, S.D. and Dubner, S.J. (2006) Freakonomics, Penguin: London.

BUSI4I710 Leading and Managing People

Hodges, J. (2016) Managing and Leading People through Organizational Change. London: Kogan Page

Hodges, J. (2017) Consultancy, Organizational Development and Change: a practical guide to delivering value. London: Kogan Page.

Main Textbooks

Buchanan, D. A. and Huczynski, A.A. (2017, 9th edition) Organizational Behaviour, London: Pearson
Hodges, J. (2018) Employee Engagement for Organizational Change: The Theory and Practice of Stakeholder Engagement. London: Routledge
Hodges, J. (2016) Managing and Leading People through Change: Theory and Practice of Sustaining Change through People. London: Kogan Page.
Wilkinson, A., Redman, T. and Dundon, T. (2017, 5th edition) Contemporary Human Resource Management: Text and Cases, London: Pearson.

BUSI4I910 Marketing


The following text is a quick and easy read for those students new to the idea of marketing before they arrive in Durham. This reading is not essential.

Fletcher, Winston (2010) Advertising: A Very Short Introduction, Oxford University Press ISBN 97801995689285 £7.99

Recommended reading for the module is listed below:

Baines, P., Fill, C. & Rosengren, S. (2016) Marketing, 4th Edition, Oxford: Oxford University Press
[NB the 3rd edition from 2014 (by Baines & Fill) is a perfectly good substitute, so do not worry about having to read the latest edition; make the most of what is probably available more cheaply on sites like Amazon or from our library’s stocks]

BUSI4J010 Strategic Management

To follow

Entrepreneurship Pathway 

BUSI4J710  Entrepreneurial Management and Corporate Entrepreneurship

To follow

BUSI4J810 New Venture Creation

To follow

Consultancy Pathway

BUSI4J910 - Management Consultancy


BUSI4K010 - Project Management

To follow

Technology Pathway

BUSI4M710 - Business Analytics

To follow

BUSI4M810 - Technology Innovation

To follow

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