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In addition to the core modules you will study one of the below pathways, giving you the opportunity to develop your knowledge, skills and capabilities and specialise in specific areas that are most suited to your own professional needs. Please note that we will need a minimum of 12 students to opt for a pathway for it to be viable, if numbers are low a decision may be taken that a particular pathway may not run. Students will be asked to indicate their pathway preference during the first term.


The Consultancy pathway will provide you with in-depth insight into the consultancy industry and will enhance your capabilities in the fields of management consulting and project management. Through a combination of taught modules, case analysis, skills development workshops and master-classes given by expert speakers, you will discover the key capabilities needed to excel in consultancy within the global marketplace. In the first taught module on Management Consultancy, you will learn about the consulting life-cycle, client relationship management, and how to measure the success of client engagements. You will also study topics such as knowledge management in the consulting industry and consulting in an international context. The second taught module on Project Management will develop your skills and expertise in managing complex projects. You will learn about professionally-recognised project management frameworks. You will also learn about the intricacies of time and resource management during projects, problem-solving and the use of creativity and initiative as projects unfold. Together these experiences will provide a vital platform for you as you embark or progress your career in advisory and service delivery environments. You will not only gain insight into hard and soft skills needed for success in consultancy, you will also learn from the real-world situations described in cases and from expert speakers who will be invited to share their experiences with you. On this pathway you will study the following modules:

BUSI4J910 Management Consultancy
BUSI4K010 Project Management

(Follow the links above to the module descriptions)


The MBA Entrepreneurship Pathway is intended to provide students with a highly practical and focussed perspective on the theory and practice of entrepreneurship in the modern world. As well as the more traditional commercial disciplines we will be covering other issues such as social entrepreneurship and family businesses. The introduction of a variety of regional, national and international guest speakers in lectures and in the accompanying masterclasses and skills sessions ensures that the theoretical perspectives presented are clearly translated into reality in a direct and meaningful way.

On this pathway you will study the following Modules:

BUSI4J710 Entrepreneurial Management and Corporate Entrepreneurship
BUSI4J810 New Venture Creation

(Follow the links above to the module descriptions)


As the role of technology continues to increase in importance to the world of business, this pathway will enhance your knowledge of business-analytics techniques and give you critical insights into technology innovation. On this pathway you will increase your range of skills to analyse and interpret data to tackle contemporary business challenges. You will also develop the ability to fully understand the role of technology as a game changer in terms of creating new products or markets. Through taught modules, master-classes and skill development workshops identifying underlying drivers and future trends in technological innovations will become a key aspect of your leadership toolkit.

On this pathway you will study the following Modules:

BUSI4M710  Business Analytics
BUSI4M810  Technology Innovation

(Follow the links above to the module descriptions)

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