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Start of Programme: Monday 24th September 2018 (Induction starts the programme which runs until Monday 1st October 2018)

Core Modules: Tuesday 2nd October to Friday 14th December 2018

Core Examination: Economics for Global Business - Friday 14th December 2018

Core Modules & Pathway Modules: Thursday 3rd January to Friday 22nd March 2019

Global Business Experience: (1 week overseas trip) Sunday 24th March to Sunday 31st March 2019

Core Modules & Pathway Modules: Wednesday 3rd April to Monday 2nd September 2019

Core Module Examination Resit: Economics for Global Business - Monday 11th March 2019

Please see the following document for details of the current Term 1 timetable (please note this is subject to change, you will receive a full version of the timetable upon your arrival) [[1]]

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