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We look forward to meeting you all at our world class Mill Hill Lane facilities on Monday 24th September 2018, for the start of the Induction Programme and the beginning of your MBA journey.

Induction Timetable

Monday 24th September 2018 - Monday 1st October 2018

Please click the following link to view a draft copy of the induction schedule: [[1]]

Please note that it is important for you to arrive wearing business attire throughout induction (though not during the residential).

A more detailed version of the timetable will be issued upon your arrival at the Business School.


During the Induction Period we go to Brathay for a 2 night, 3 day residential - https://www.brathay.org.uk/

We depart Durham on Thursday, 27th September, and return to Durham on Saturday 29th September. Transport to and from the Lake District is provided.

There are several objectives of this residential including:

• Accelerating the building of relationships and teams
• Developing greater self-awareness of others to enhance your career development
• Building self confidence in readiness for the challenges ahead

In addition to the equipment provided by Brathay and the Global Career and Talent Team, you will need:

• Tracksuits, sweatshirts or similar clothing
• Trainers and/or robust outdoor shoes (preferably two pairs if possible – as they may get wet)
• Suitable clothing – the weather in the UK is very changeable and we recommend that you bring several layers of clothing rather than one thick jumper or coat.
• You may also want to bring a hat and warm gloves

Don’t worry if you don’t have waterproof clothing as Brathay will be able to provide you with some, however we cannot guarantee that you will look fashionable!
Brathay offers communal sleeping accommodation and you will be allocated a room to share with other students.
If you have any questions about the residential please contact business.careers@durham.ac.uk

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