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MSc Investment Club

Following a generous donation from an alumnus of Durham University, Durham University Business School is pleased to launch a student-managed fund for the MSc programme.  A group of no more than ten selected MSc students will have the opportunity to form an investment club to decide how to increase the donation by investing in stocks and shares.  The group will elect a chair and decide on the frequency and format of meetings.  The aim of which is to increase the value of the fund in the period to September 2019.  Upon leaving the School, the Club will produce a report outlining activity and performance of the fund to pass to the incoming MSc cohort to continue the process.

Not only is this a valuable addition for your CV, it is a great opportunity to put into practice the theories and strategies learned on your course.  At the end of the year, members of the club will be awarded certificates.  The transactions will be undertaken by a member of University staff.  The club will not have direct access to the cash at any stage.

How to apply

For the opportunity to be selected for membership to this club please forward your application to

Your application should include your CV and a short essay (no more than 500 words) answer the following question:  'How would you use your experience and expertise to effectively manage the MSc Investment Club?'

The closing date will be 12noon on Friday 5 October 2018.

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