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You can nominate yourself to be a student representative by emailing your full name and date of birth to with the subject line: Economics: Student Representative, along with a personal statement (150 words maximum) and a passport style photograph of yourself. Students will then be asked to nominate and elect students who represent their programmes. We are also required to elect mature student representatives.

At least one representative will be appointed from the following programmes:

MSc Economics
MSc Public Economics
MSc Experimental Economics
MSc Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

Student representatives are very important to both the students and the School. They provide a vital link between the two. They are a means by which the students’ views can be voiced, and they are chosen by students for students.

Representatives sit on the Staff-Student Consultative Sub-Committee, which meets once per term to discuss issues within the School. This is when students’ comments and views are passed on to the School. Representatives are available to listen to any comments or academic problems students may face, and some will have the chance to sit on the Board of Studies for the School. All reps may attend DSU Academic Senate meetings once per term. This is a general meeting for all course reps, and is the only link they have with other Departments and Durham Students’ Union (DSU). Help and support is provided for reps by DSU, who produce a Course Reps Briefing Pack, and by an Academic Affairs Officer and the full-time DSU Education and Welfare Officer, who both offer help if reps encounter any problems.

Students must also seek advice prior to nominating themselves by visiting the Durham Students' Union webpage:

Reps are elected by the other students on the programme. We appreciate that you need some time to get to know members of your cohort, but we will need to ask for nominations early in the first term in time for the first meeting of the SSCC. We will also require the nomination of a mature student representative to become a member of the SSCC.

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